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Welcome to a hospital
 unlike any other

Bambino Gesù is the largest paediatric hospital and research center in Europe, with connections to leading international centers in the sector. Our hospital has a staff of almost 3,300 including physicians, researchers, nurses, clinical technicians and office staff.

We treat and care for a large number of patients: over 1.900.000 healthcare services are provided each year to children and adolescents from all over the world. Comparable to a city in its size, the hospital is inhabited by children who are treated, monitored and supported within an affordable, comprehensive and high-quality healthcare solution.

Children are the Focus

The Ospedale Bambino Gesù is known as the hospital for children and the hospital of the Pope.

Adopting the slogan, "You think about your child, we'll think about everything else", Bambino Gesù is committed to ensuring that welcoming patients and their families is a fundamental part of the treatment process, from their first contact with the hospital - it is at the heart of the care we provide.

A child's life should not only be about their illness.

Our focus on every detail is designed to be "child-centered", for children who find themselves, not by choice, living a part of their lives in a hospital ward. This is why the Bambino Gesù offers a true "Welcome Treatment" that includes a variety of services: hospitality homes, hotel accommodations, game rooms, relax areas for mothers, "guardian angels", a donor milk bank, cultural-linguistic mediators, and social workers. 
The Bambino Gesù assists each young guest and the whole family from the moment they come into contact with the hospital, through the entire duration of treatment, until they return home, and sometimes even after that.


The Ospedale Bambino Gesù places the child at the center of its activities. Each activity is based on the moral and ethical principles of the Catholic faith. Personalized attention means protecting the dignity of every child, parent, doctor and healthcare professional.


We live in a constantly changing world and the hospital has to keep pace with it. Adapting to these changes means adjusting the focus of our care from being only a physical structure for treatment, to becoming a dynamic system that through clinics, training, research and prevention pursues its primary goal: to protect the health of the child, the adolescent, the person.


Our hospital was established in 1869 through an act of love by a family that was aware of the needs of less fortunate children - the Salviati family. The project, which started as a room with four beds, has, over the years and thanks to the efforts of thousands of staff members, reached the point where today our hospital which is owned by the Holy See, is a work dear to the heart of the Holy Father.

The Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù, and the moral principles and ethical values of the Catholic faith which inspired its creation and ensures its continuing development, pursues excellence in healthcare services that are a result of its cutting-edge research and clinical activities, carried out with its own resources and with the aim of ensuring balanced management and the continuous adaptation of its activities to meet the requirements of advanced biomedical science. 

Consequently, what motivates the Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù is the pursuit of fulfilling the following values:

- Excellence, our continuous commitment to provide the highest level of quality in every situation and skill by means of professionalism, research, technology and conduct.

- Personalized care, our full respect for the dignity of the person (child, parent, healthcare professional), whose care and complete wellbeing is the center of our healthcare assistance as well as the focus of our scientific and technological research. 

- Scientific and translational research, inspired by ethical and human values.

- Expertise, support and careful attention to the needs of children and their families.

The healthcare services, supported by scientific research, provide continuous improvements in diagnostic and treatment methods with the goal of achieving higher levels of service within a humanistic framework in compliance with Christian morality. All services are rendered to fulfill Christ's commandment: "To heal the sick, and care for the infirm".