Day surgery

Stampa Pagina

"Day surgery" refers to surgical procedures performed with local, locoregional, or general anesthesia, within a programmed inpatient admission limited to daytime, and generally comprised between 7.00am and 6.00pm, and, in any case lasting less than 24 hours.
This hospital setting allows performing, for accurately selected categories of patients, surgical procedures of the same level of efficacy and safety as traditional surgery, but with greater comfort and convenience for patients and their families.

Criteria for eligibility to this kind of surgery are:
- more than six (6) months of age;
- good general state of health;
- minor surgeries;
- a social and familiar context allowing to efficiently face any problem that may arise in the postoperative phase. In particular the possibility of a drive hospital-home no longer than one hour, availability of a car, and availability of a telephone. 

Access modalities
During the outpatient appointment at the Bambino Gesù Hospital, the surgeon will propose to perform the surgical procedure in Day Surgery and provide parents with relevant information on this procedure, as well as with copy of a form to be filled-in by the family pediatrician, with the child's medical information. This information is necessary for preoperative evaluation.

The clinical pathway entails three admissions to the Hospital.

First admission
Is dedicated to the preoperative evaluation, which is performed by the anesthesiologist, with an accurate physical examination, within the week of the surgery and may include, if deemed necessary, diagnostic investigations. Preoperative diagnostic investigations are not a routine procedure.

Moreover, the anesthesiologist will have the informed consent signed by the parents and will provide all information on the rules on preoperative fast.

Second admission
On the day of the surgery, the child will have to show up at the relevant Ward between 7.00am and 7.30am.

One of the parents can accompany the child to the operating compartment and stay with him/her until transfer to the operating room.

Two hours after arrival at the Ward, after the surgery, the child will be allowed to drink a chamomile tea.

Starting from 6.00pm the surgical team (surgeon and anesthesiologist) will evaluate the child and verify the possibility of his/her discharge. Once confirmed the safety of discharge, the team will give the child's parents the protocol on postoperative behavior and the prescription of analgesic treatment, if needed.

Furthermore, parents will be given a note for the family pediatricians and contact details of the surgical team.

Third access
Is dedicated to postoperative check-up.