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Clinical Nutrition Unit

Frutta e verdura di stagione. Alimenti base della sana alimentazione estiva

Multidisciplinary Treatment of Obesity


Childhood obesity is a condition that is increasing rapidly in infants and adolescents and can seriously damage your child's health.


It must be addressed on many levels and cannot be limited to a dietary approach that has been proven inefficient and sometimes even counterproductive.


Our Clinical Nutrition service acts as a referral center to treat obesity due to the elevated number of patients in our care (over 2,000 children each year) and thanks to our multidisciplinary approach that includes the expertise of paediatric nutritionists, dieticians and psychologists.


The treatment program is based on the child and family's participation in changing their lifestyle and eating habits.  


During a young patient's first access (clinic visit or outpatient hospitalization if necessary) we evaluate the dietary situation (screening for overweight and calculating body mass index (BMI) using a skinfold caliper "pinch test" and/or bioelectrical impedance analysis), the nutritional history, family lifestyles, the type of obesity and/or associated conditions (biohumoral markers, pulse oximetry, liver ultrasound, cardiology evaluation) and we define an individual patient-centered treatment plan based on qualitative rather than quantitative nutritional indicators (eating habits diary).


The next step of the treatment program are afternoon group meetings (including clinical visit, lunch together, healthy eating education) during which a physician, a dietician and a psychologist evaluate the child's nutritional progress and above all review the child and family's response to the objectives posed each time (i.e. adding more vegetables at meals, having a healthy breakfast, fruit for snacks, organizing "fruit salad parties", increase physical activity).


In time, the program proceeds with regular check-ups that are also aimed at providing treatment of associated conditions (steatosis, hyperinsulinaemia, hypertension, hyperuricemia, orthopaedic alterations).


Director: Dr. Giuseppe S. Morino