WHO and Bambino Gesù together for specialist care to syrian children

In the hospital premises, the WHO Representative, Ms. Elizabeth Hoff, and the President of the Bambino Gesù Hospital, Ms. Mariella Enoc, will sign a collaboration agreement
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12 October 2017

Giving support to the Syrian Health Care System in improving pediatric specialist care is the main goal of the collaboration agreement between WHO-Syria and the Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital, which has been signed today, in the Hospital main premises, by the Hospital President Mariella Enoc and the WHO Representative Elizabeth Hoff.

The agreement between WHO-Syria and the Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital aims at building the capacity of medical and nursing staff at the University Children's Hospital and the Cardio-Vascular Center at the AlMuwassat University Hospital, with a vision to expand the scope of this program in the future to other pediatric units in functioning public hospitals, operated by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Higher Education, in other geographical areas in Syria, such as Latakia and Aleppo. It is envisaged that this program will extend for an initial period of 3 years.

"After six years of crises, this project is a step in a positive direction in strengthening the capacity of the health system which has severely deteriorated across the country. Enhancing the capacities of physicians and nurses in pediatric care will alleviate the suffering of sick children who have suffered the most during the crises" said the WHO Representative Elizabeth Hoff.

The Bambino Gesù Hospital has several ongoing international missions "Our Hospital - confirmed President Mariella Enocis involved in International cooperation projects with several countries worldwide. During the last three years, however, international cooperation has been stepped up and has become an integral part of the hospital's mission. The Bambino Gesù community feels the need to reach out and offer its skills and experience to countries torn by war or natural disasters and provide medical training on advanced pediatric care".

Based on the agreement signed today, the project will concentrate, in 2017, at the University Children Hospital and the Cardio-Vascular Center at the Al-Muwassat University Hospital on the sub-specialty pediatric areas of digestive laparoscopy and endoscopy and of interventional radiology.

To achieve this aim, technical experts from the Bambino Gesù will visit the two hospitals in Damascus in order to undertake the required assessment. Based on assessment findings, work plans will be developed with budget and timelines.

The collaboration agreement has been signed in the course of a three-day visit to the Bambino Gesù Hospital of the WHO Representative, Ms. Elizabeth Hoff, and two members of her team. The WHO delegation will also visit the Hospital Rehabilitation facilities in Palidoro and Santa Marinella to evaluate the feasibility of a joint training project on artificial limb rehabilitation.