Facts and figures

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The figures below represent 365 days alongside our young patients. They mark what happens daily at the Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù as well as the extraordinary successes at our transplant unit.

607 Beds

27,336 Hospitalizations

70,420 Outpatient Procedures

1,639,658 Clinic Visits

78,849 Emergency Room Accesses

26,166 Surgerical Procedures


99 Heart Trasplant from 2007 to today

55  Artificial heart Transplant from 2010 to today

271 Kidney transplants from 1993 to today

138 Liver transplants from 2008 to today

143 Bone marrow transplants in 2015

24 Cornea transplants in 2015

First Permanent total intrathoracic artificial heart implantation in a paediatric patient in 2010

First Intestine transplant in 2010