Over the phone, online, or in person. All you need to know to book an appointment at the Hospital.

If you cannot attend the appointment you have booked, please cancel your reservation in order to allow other patients to use the free slot.

The check-in at the registration desk, the medical prescription, the payment of the medical ticket: all you need to know on the administrative procedure.

For pediatrician appointments and laboratory tests reservation is not needed. Here is what you need to do.

Thanks to new technologies, the Hospital has become more efficient and easy to reach.

How to obtain and consult results of diagnostic exams, and medical documentation.

La cartella sanitaria di chi ami sempre disponibile, ovunque tu sia

Day Hospital admissions are impatient admissions lasting only part of one day. This allows providing multi-specialty medical or diagnostic services.

Surgical procedures performed with local or general anesthesia, with discharge on the same day of the surgery: the clinical pathway.

Emergency admission to the Hospital is through the Emergency Department of the Bambino Gesù.

The Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù has a lot of experience in healthcare management at home.

Richiesta prestazioni da enti esterni

You will find below some information on the most common pediatric disorders, which may help you evaluate whether or not to take your child to the Emergency Department.

The blood drawing center is provided with personnel specialized in the pediatric field.

Ogni fine settimana nelle strutture mobili dell'Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù è possibile donare il sangue, dalle ore 8.00 alle ore 11

Insieme cercheremo di ridurre per i nostri piccoli pazienti paura, ansia e stress per il prelievo, rendendo la procedura meno dolorosa.