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Homecare Assistance - Haematology/Oncology


The Department of Haematology/Oncology has created a homecare assistance service for all patients that live, even temporarily, in Rome. Specialised physicians and nurses provide services such as house calls, blood tests, administering antibiotics, etc. to all eligible patients.


In February 2009, the homecare assistance program was launched to "bring" the OPBG to patients' homes in order to ensure the best possible continuous care.

The project was developed within an integrated program aimed at improving the quality of life of patients.


The service is staffed by physicians, nurses and psychologists from the department and provides care for the following:


·         Patients who, independently of the stage of the illness, are eligible for healthcare services that can be performed in home (curative homecare treatment);


·         Patients in advanced and irreversible stages of the illness who cannot receive further treatment (palliative homecare).


The quality of the assistance a patient receives at home is equal to that inside of a hospital. 

The services provided include: clinical check-ups, blood tests, intravenous catheter maintenance, antibiotic therapy and other intravenous anti-infective drug therapy, parenteral nutrition, blood-product transfusions, pain management, psychological support.



Tel. (+39) 06-6859.2129

Fax. (+39) 06-6859.2292