Online Services

Thanks to new technologies, the Hospital has become more efficient and easy to reach.
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Online services allow to book and cancel appointments and diagnostic tests in one of the four premises of the Bambino Gesù Hospital, including privately paid services; to pay online for the services; and to look into own clinical records.

Online booking

The online booking service gives you direct access to the appointment book of individual medical and diagnostic services, in order to let you choose - based on availability - the date and location of your appointment.    

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Assisted booking

The procedure of assisted booking allows you to book – after filling-in a form with few information – the first available appointment in one of the four premises of the Hospital: Rome – Gianicolo; Rome –S. Paolo; Palidoro; S. Marinella. 

You will receive an e-mail informing you on the day and location of the first available slot. 

This procedure is applicable to services provided within the National Health System, as well as to privately paid services. 

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Qurami: the app which shortens lines at the counters

Book your slot in the line, check waiting time, be notified when your turn is approaching: all this is now possible thanks to an app for smartphones, which will allow you to take a place in the waiting line at the counters of the Bambino Gesù outpatient clinic in Rome – San Paolo, while you are still driving to get there. 

This procedure will allow you to do what you like while you are waiting for your turn and be relaxed, as you will be timely notified on the progress of waiting numbers and on the approaching of your turn. 


Privately paid services (Intramoenia)

In case of privately paid services (intramoenia), you can also choose the specialist and see the cost of the requested service before booking the appointment. 

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Online payment

Specialist appointments and diagnostic investigations can be paid online from the moment of reservation until the day of the appointment. 

Payment can be made with a credit card. 

On the day of the appointment, upon registration, you will have to submit the payment receipt.

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How to cancel appointments

If you cannot attend the appointment you have booked, please cancel your reservation in order to allow other patients to use the free slot.


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Consultation of medical reports

To consult online the results of your medical exams, or your entire medical record, you will need the Health Card (Carta della Salute), which you can request at the counters of all premises of the Bambino Gesù Hospital. The cost of the Health Card (Carta della Salute) is of € 5.00 per year and it will enable you to look up in the whole medical documentation of your child. 

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